Putting Complex Location Data on the Map in Drupal 8

Migrating and displaying location data can present many painful issues, and they can emerge during every phase of a project. We will discuss ways to import and process different types of location data from multiple sources, how to geocode and prepare the data for page display, and how to send it to mobile apps via Drupal 8’s RESTful API.

Drupal 8 Entity Cheat Sheet



This Drupal 8 Entity cheat sheet contains frequently used code examples, methods, classes and interfaces. It does not intent to be complete, but is made to help Drupal 8 developers a starting point in working with Entities and Entity Queries.

Use sudo command in OSX without a password

To use the sudo command in Terminal without having to enter your password each time, follow these steps:

1. Switch user to root. (How to enable the root user in OSX)

2. Enter this command:

chmod +w /etc/sudoers

That makes the /etc/sudoers file writable. Sometimes it can be read-only.

3. Open /etc/sudoers in nano, vi, or the text editor of your choice, and add this line at the bottom:


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